Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I thought I would say a little something too since we are far away and you never get to see us do nothing too. Bryar just had her birthday and had a lot of fun. Look at our family post if you want to see pictures. It only takes a second to click over there so I don't want to hear that I can post pictures here too. It takes me a lot longer to post then for you to click over. Anyway...Life is good here. It is just starting to cool off where we actually go out and use our back porch that we had done in July or August (I can't remember). I am so excited for Halloween and go Christy for making them. Bridger is going to look so super cute I can't wait to post a picture. Bryar will as well but hers is just the store bought Cinderella costume. We had it so I spent all my time on Bridger's and will have to say that I am pretty proud of it. Joe had to hear all the time how cute it was. Joe is just starting to take students on the Mike Model Helicopter. He is loving his new job and is loving teaching and learning as well while he teaches. He is sad that he won't be able to come in November to the wedding but just starting the new instructor courses and learning how to be the next section leader will be pretty demanding for the next few months. Sorry Remington but he just couldn't take the time off right now for more than a day or two and I wanted to stay longer than that so he will be there in spirit and wants to wish you luck. I'm just trying to post longer than Christy's... ha ha... I hoped it worked. As for me I am doing just the same o same o stuff. Being a mom, cleaning the house constantly, making dinners, signing up for cook offs, making beans for church activities...etc... It never really seams to stop. But it is all OK because at night when Joe finally makes it home and we put the kids down for bed, we get to sneak into our room and turn on an amazing projector that fills our entire wall and enjoy a good movie to relax before bed. Until later and I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween and please post pictures. I would love to see all the costumes. Love you all.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I do know how to spell

well, maybe only a little but I do know how to spell which. Just letting everyone know that Carter and now Kirk have joined the sick ranks. I'm holding out strong but, really, did you expect anything less?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

yea for sick kids!

So, I haven't posted for a while but nothing has really happened at our house. It seems much more boring looking back than actually living through it. Brock just turned two last week and I still can't understand anything he says. And I can actually get about four of them. None of them being mommy or daddy. Just 'no' 'hi' 'please' 'ya'(whitch also sounds like no so its a little harder.). And that's about it. Not what I expected after Porters full sentences. Porter is just the same mild mannered kid. Everyone at church says my kids don't do anything but mind. I'm glad thats the impression we give. They have both been sick. They were throwing up two nights ago and brock seemed to done but Porter was sick for the whole day. They both seem to be doing better now. I'm glad it wasn't a drawn out thing because of Carter and just because who wants to be sick? But they were both happy the whole time; okay, for the most part. Porter was a little whiney.
Kirk has started his Masters (for those who don't know) so he is busy most of the time. It's not as bad as I thought but I like to think it's because of my great attitude! He loves serving in the bishopric so that helps fill his time also.
We just returned from a trip to the river that was very fun. It was not to exciting to go from 90 degree wheather back to the 60's though. I'd almost move just for the wheather. But then you miss out on Christmas snow.
I'm just taking care of the kids and trying to be more social. Which means I might talk to someone in the week. Good thing mom's house is close by. I did make a car seat cover (thanks to Kati's help) and then decided that I was a whiz with a sewing machine so I decided to make halloween costumes. Lets just say its taking al ittle longer than expected. I seem to go down to mom's and just talk the whole time.
Well, I took up a ton of room saying nothing which is nice because it makes for a long post. The Johnsons are excited for the Holiday season and being able to see everyone.
P.S. Still send in recipes to me!! I need some from Ton and Shane (at least the lemon strwberry dessert). Thanks to everyone else and feel free to keep sending them!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the way missionary work should be

in my area right now i have the first truly correct vision of the way member missionary work should go. we have a ward mission leader who does everything he can to get the bishop and ward involved, with bi weekly preach my gospel emails to the entire ward and regular missionary activities. then we have two ward missionaries who join us at every appointment. they also home teach all the partmembers in the area, in order to gently push them towards the waters of baptism. one of the ward missionaries actually set a part member husband for baptism before we as missionaries had ever taught him. it's amazing what can be accomplished when members do everything they can to fulfill their calling. as a result, i'll have four batisms in this area, none of which have come from my own efforts. so we're free to look for people while the ward baptises their own. for all you who have served missions i'm sure you know what the difference is between ward that care and wards that don't. hopefully we can all be better missionary members, including me when i'm done with my mission.
p.s. theres really no reason for it, but if anyone feels that they love me so much they need to send me twenty dollars or so,i wouldn't be averse to the idea. have a nice day everyone.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Everyone Please Sign Up

Even if you can't go: Please click on this link, and register for tickets to the Tabernacle Choir's annual Christmas concert. Natalie Cole is going to be the guest performer and it should be fun. If everyone registers, then chances are we will get some of tickets. They are drawn at random after the registration period.

Please register for four tickets with Friday night as your first preference, then Saturday, then Thursday, then Sunday.

Click the icon in the top-right of the page after you Click Here.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ok I still need pictures of the family reunion from Dad, Marshall, and Doug. If you don't remember how to post them for me make a comment. I will read it and email you the information.
I am posting a dress of Bryar's but I couldn't leave Bridger out. Here he is growing up so big and cute of course.
Here is a very cute dress that Tonia made and sent to Bryar. We love it Tonia and you did a great job. Thanks for all the dresses. Bryar has worn them all many times a day.